Soul Limbo for the Ashes

Everyone’s missed the point about today’s news that the BBC will be airing highlights of this winter’s Ashes. Great, the population will be able to watch England reclaim the Ashes; they’ll gasp at Flintoff’s 322* from only 120 balls; a procession of anorak’d cricket tragics, with wonky glasses and a chewed HB pencil for company, will weep at the foot of the stairs of Television Centre, grateful to the Aunty for welcoming back cricket.

All of this is true.

But the real news, the aspect of most importance is we will once again hear the sound of Soul Limbo by Booker T and The MGs bink-tink-tinking over the airwaves. And for that, we should join the anoraks and raise a glass to Aunty because that tune, quite simply, is summer. Even though it’ll be winter, but you get my meaning.

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