Shane Warne: The Musical

I think it was Zainub who let us know of this, so apologies to her for not replying. It’s old news now, but sod it – there’s to be a musical of Shane Warne’s life. I really have nothing else to add to this news, so will leave it to the SMH:

Melbourne comedian Eddie Perfect is writing a large-scale show that will set the Warney saga to song.

Still at an early stage, the musical will feature well-known incidents from the controversial cricketer’s career, Perfect said. “There’s definitely going to be a text message song. You can’t do Warney without the text,” he said.

Perfect hasn’t told Warne about the production. Yet. He said: “I’m sort of scared about him finding out about it, but I’m in two minds. There’ll probably be stuff in there that he’s not that excited is in there.”

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