Marcus Trescothick’s reasons for leaving India

Update November 14 2006
He’s left the Ashes

Update April 10 2006 He had a virus
In this age of unstoppable news broadcasts, 24/7 programmes and a culture desperate to hear the dirt on anyone remotely famous, the news blackout on Marcus Trescothick’s departure from India has been nothing but welcome.

It’s rare these days for anyone in the public eye not to bear the brunt of a seedy tabloid investigation; Shane Warne is one obvious example, and Ian Botham was perhaps the first cricketer in the modern era to really be exposed for his off-the-field misdoings (or not, whatever).

So although as a cricket fan and wannabe-journalist, I’m itching to know when Trescothick will return – purely for the good of the Test side – I couldn’t care less what his reasons for leaving India are. A tabloid, or someone with a burning desire to know, will no doubt find out soon enough but, for now, it’s a welcome relief from the norm, that a sportsman can get on with his life and deal with his problems in private. Let it remain that way (but let’s also hope whatever it is doesn’t stop him from returning for the one-dayers!)

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