Marcus Trescothick leaves Australia

One, twice, three times a…no that’s unfair. So Marcus Trescothick has gone – but is it really that much of a surprise? Sky Sports were almost grinning from ear to ear at breaking the news, before calling on the usual suspects – Willis, Botham, Hussain, Lloyd and each of their dogs – for expert opinion.

When he left India in February, there was a hushed silence. No one knew what to think (there were plenty of rumours) and little was said. I didn’t care what the reason was, and felt the silence was a mark of respect. But the way the ECB have handled today’s news, my patience has run out. It’s a sad situation for Marcus but we now need to know exactly what the deal is; will he return or won’t he? Will he play for Somerset again? Will he ever make a hundred against Australia? Unlikely. What is the problem, and why the hell was he allowed on the plane to Australia in the first place? This is less about Trescothick and more about England’s reliance on the tried and tested – the rusty, as Tim de Lisle said yesterday – however frail they might be.

That’s it for Banger, though, I fear. But England have got to move on, as they did with partial success in India, and draw a line under this until the end of the tour.

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