It’s all over for The Corridor of Uncertainty

Sadly I’m currently in dispute with Andy Clark, the owner of the trademark “The Corridor of Uncertainty”. He asked me to change the name of the blog last week which, as you know, I did – to “The Corridor”.

His lawyers tell him that I am still infringing his trademark. I’m assuming he will also sue Geoff Boycott, the man who created the phrase years ago, as well as numerous broadsheets who use it several times each summer.

It’s all rather pathetic. But until I can confirm whether he’s right or wrong, I need to come up with a different name (again). You’re all far more clever and wittier than I, so it’s over to you. As many suggestions as possible, and if you see one you like please do say so.

If there are any lawyers willing to offer free advice on such matters, do contact me.

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