England’s injuries ignite the phoney war?

OK this pretty interesting. Stu’s been blogging a while and is a regular commenter, as he was during the Ashes. But something strange is happening. While everyone else in Australia has already written England off since last September – understandably, given the piss-awful-luck with injuries and whatnot – Stu has a different theory: it’s mind games! Here’s what he says (sorry Stu for nicking it…)

“The devil’s greatest trick, was convincing the world he didn’t exist…”. Australia weren’t just outplayed during the Ashes series of 2005 – they were out thought, out managed, out administered and played by the English press like Grand Pianos…and it’s happening again.

My tip is, that Jones will play in November, as will Vaughan, and Flintoff and anyone else who, between now and then, has doubt cast on them…and there will be someone else who is “out of the Ashes”. Australians pride themselves on this “sportsmanship” (read mind games) but they are being done now, by canny Englishmen, who for once have the ability to back up the talk, on the field.

All I can hope is that that the Aussies stay quiet, and come out onto the Gabba and win the first session of the first test so convincingly that they set up the rest of the series right there…

I can’t say I agree, but then I’m English. So what does this mean? Are England better placed than people think? Will Michael Vaughan and Simon Jones make miraculous recoveries? If you’re an Australian, do you agree with Stu and if not, why not?

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