Christmas limericks with a cricket theme

I know it’s not yet Christmas but quite honestly I’m already in the spirit. I went shopping today which, somehow, was a success. I bought things and even resisted the temptation to buy needlessly expensive things for myself which a) I don’t really want b) don’t need and c) will never use beyond next week. Success…apart from the dolled-up Sloany mothers ramming their designer pushchairs into my ankles. I tend to react quite strongly when that happens, especially when they refuse to apologise. See? Christmas spirit alive and kicking in Will’s world.

So it’s time for another Christmas limerick. It should ideally be funny and clever and have a cricket theme interwoven. Go on, have a go. If you can’t work cricket into it, no matter. Here’s your starting line

It’s Christmas two thousand and six…

See last years and tips on what the boggins a limerick is and how it works.

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