Trafalgar Square victory parade for England’s cricketers

15.02 They’re now at Lord’s, or will be soon. Photos from the event will be posted here

14.35 They’re off to Lord’s for the official ceremony, watched by about 15 people so it looks. They’re currently talking to Tony Blair, for their sins, and will make their way to Lord’s to hand over the Urn and receive the ugly glass trophy. Keep getting emails from you asking about the Urn: it’s not the real urn, it’s a replica. The real one is safely housed in the Lord’s museum.

14:32 So much for my 300,000 prediction! More like 25,000 say police…

13:16 Celebrations continue, Jerusalem ringing out and every other song you can think of! The players were all interviewed by David Gower and Mark Nicholas, then the Barmy Army leader (spokesman?!) got their anthem going, with all the players joining in. This is awesome. And I hear they’re off to meet Tony and Liz! Good old Liz

12:21 The noise is incredible! Must be 300,000 people packed into Trafalgar Square, and the bus has finally arrived there. Chorus of “Ing-ger-land” ringing out, interviews by Gower and Nicholas soon. Never seen anything like this, bloody amazing. Unnecessary jingoism or deserved celebrations? Deserved, says I…

12:12 I dunno how many people are there, but there must be hundreds of thousands? Flipping brilliant. I think this parade in itself could magnetise a few more fans to the great game! Fred looks absolutely mullered, and is still drinking; what a champion, what a drinking inspiration!

Open-top bus tour, thousands of people lining the streets to see the winning England team. Amazing scenes, quite amazing. This is just not cricket! But, brilliantly, it now is cricket – let’s hope cricket can really embrace the success of their national team, and not fuck mess things up like Rugby Union arguably did after winning the World Cup.

I’m confident they won’t. Anyway, let’s just enjoy the bus-tour and the success!! I’ll keep this updated with anything interesting

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