Ticket availability for The Ashes

The BBC highlight how scarce tickets have been for English & Australian fans for this summer’s Ashes. In fact, scarce is the wrong word: they’ve been sold out for bloody months. Interestingly…

Fans do still have a chance of going to the fifth day of an Ashes match this year with most grounds, including Lord’s, not selling final day tickets in advance.

It also highlights the numbers of tickets (and the exorbitant prices – showing demand) available on eBay, as I mentioned a couple of weeks back.

Scott from Ubersportingpundit takes up the ticket-scarcity issue with a different line, though, questioning how the hell they’ve sold out at all.

I think there are quite a few reasons. Firstly, it’s The Ashes. Even a sportsfan, and not a hardline cricket-nut, knows the significance of any cricket match played between England and Australia. So that’s one. Secondly, *any* cricket fan in this country – be they minor or major – would want to see England and Australia play in an Ashes contest and I’m sure they would amount to a large percentage of the tickets sold. And thirdly, bloody corporations have probably bought up hundreds and hundreds of tickets in advance.

It’s true, Cricket isn’t Football and does suffer as a result. The past 20 years has seen some truly crap cricket by England, combined with some underachieving players and shit coaches. Public lost faith, media took the piss – but that’s turning around now, thanks in large part to Flintoff. It’s going to take time though to get borderline cricket fans to cross over to genuine lovers of the game – so continued success of the National team is absolutely vital to the popularity of the game in England.

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