Slater’s poignant admissions

Although I had heard a little about Slater’s depression, it wasn’t until I read this article [via The SquizLog] that the whole truth became apparent.

I know about panic attacks and depression on a personal level, and it’s quite rare to hear of a sporting figure suffering from it (or perhaps more pertinently, admitting to suffering from it). It’s a sad but revealing read and worth 5 minutes of your time.

Now a commentator who talks like he batted – fresh, mostly relaxed and highly entertaining – Slater’s eye-sparkle remains but his body looks worn out for a 35-year-old. He hopes for a long career but worries the “fruit loop” reaction could hinder his prospects. If his bipolar revelation has that effect it would be a greater injustice than the lack of support he received as he careered out of international cricket.

I agree with the above regarding his “fresh” commentary – he was/is a good commentator. Better than many (Botham & Willis – give me strength), so hopefully Channel 4 will give him a contract this year. And, perhaps more importantly, hopefully him and Gilchrist can share a beer again one day.