Joyce now ready

“When you’re ready, England” might be what Joyce says to himself whilst batting this season. He looks so laid back at the crease, he could almost have a chat with Fletcher on his mobile, whilst caressing a Gower-esque four through the covers.

He’s the Irishman I keep banging on about who today hit another hundred, and a big one – 155 from just 188 balls, albeit on a decent track. He’s now just 68 runs short of 1000 runs in the season – an awesome feat, and if he gets a chance to bat again in this match, he could well be the first to do it in the country. With all the Australians and other foreign players over here, it would be quite an achievement – as well, of course, as almost certainly being the first Irish national to do it.

He might have to wait a bit though – Bell and Pietersen are higher up the pecking order, but Joyce is a Thorpe-replacement if ever I saw one.

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