ECB cuts down on “The Kolpak” influx

Counties will receive financial bonuses for producing English players, announced the ECB today, in their “Building Partnerships” scheme. In other words, a county such as Northamptonshire would be severely penalised in comparison to Glamorgan – the only county on the circuit not to recruit a single Kolpak player. This is excellent news – I’ve written lots on the Kolpak issue recently (Kolpak tag), and it’s relieving to finally have an ECB that is proactive. Chief Executive David Collier – who took over from Tim Lamb last year – has been very quiet since his appointment, today’s statement being his first major influence on the game. Let us hope that today’s move is a sign Collier will be a respected figure in English cricket circles in the future.

There’s much more, besides the Kolpak issue, all available at the ECB, including this very snazzy-but-vague diagram: