Day 1 review

Only a Brit like me can burn on an overcast, cloudy, murky day. I’m actually burnt – boiling-hot red-head and a wholloping headache. Apart from that, and all the beer/wine/champagne, it was a great day – much better atmosphere than I was expecting. Bangladesh’s batting was really bloody awful – even sitting 100 yards away (ish), it was easy to see their feet stuck in concrete; they really did have a lack of technique and, although I’m sure things will become a bit clearer when I watch the highlights, I can’t think of any standout batsmen.

England’s bowling was “ok” – Harmison probably bowled better than I gave him credit for, and Simon Jones had a really impressive spell before lunch. Strauss and Trescothick looked solid before Strauss went. Tricky to judge England’s batting on the basis of this bowling, which wouldn’t feature in a county side, let alone a Test side. It was really poor.

I did a panoramic photo which I’ll put up on Flickr later and post here, and other photos, and I’ll try and post better updates tomorrow. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be even more burnt – and the game could well be over by Tea

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