Cricket in the USA: “the ball is wood”

This isn’t a blatent attempt to laugh at other countries who try and fail to understand cricket – it’s not. Well, not directly anyway. This article, about the take-up of cricket in New York, had me in fits. Gems including:

Games can last all day or several days. Two batters — make that batsmen — are up at the same time for the same team. Teams can score hundreds of runs. The pitchers are called bowlers. The ball is wood and the fielders don’t wear gloves.

A wooden ball! I really should read up more on the history of cricket because, I presume, wooden balls might well have been used hundreds of years ago…but not any more. There’s a fascinating article showing how an Indian manufacturer makes their cricket balls, which is roughly what I had thought – leather, cork, wool & rubber.

I’m all in favour of the likes of the USA (and China don’t forget) jumping on the cricket bandwagon…but you can’t help smiling at their struggles to detach cricket’s nuances from baseball!

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